Building your website is exciting. There’s much discussion about content and pages and colours and logos, etc. But once your website is up and running it becomes a single site hanging in cyber space among millions of others. Once you’re there, you need to bring people to your site, to see your services and products – and hopefully to become purchasers and loyal long-term customers.

You will need to do three things: you will need to build your search engine rankings through engagement; you will need to create that engagement through great content, both informative and entertaining; and you will need to innovatively and consistently reach out across social media with that content.

The ranking value of social media

  • Your key to social media success is to build your audience first. Social media can be a great and efficient way to help you build your brand and get in front of people who wouldn’t have otherwise found you.
  • To ensure a good place in search rankings, you will need to keep your website active through updating, blogs, new product info, etc – but most important of all would be to drive traffic to your site through social media connections. This ‘busyness’ will help your site to climb the rankings – and in this way, give your site a better position in search engine results.
  • Persuading this traffic to visit your site will depend on media choice, content, timing, demographic targeting. Is your content informative and/or entertaining? Where would you find your most likely customers in biggest volume? How often should you post your information? And what would be the best time of day to catch their attention?
  • Astutely analysing product/customer connect potential: age, area, gender, etc, you will come to find your most likely customers, where they might be on any media platform at any time of day, and their most likely response to your carefully designed content. This becomes the basis for your marketing strategy on social media.
  • You have to reach your target audience where they are and lead them by a cunningly laid thread to your website, thus driving greater SEO.

The value is there, even if you don’t initially make great sales

An active social media profile will slowly build more potential customers; awareness among prospective customers will ultimately, hopefully, build loyalty to your brand. And increasing engagement will increase your SEO status.

  • Make sure your content is relevant and useful by creating posts that are most likely to illicit interest and response. Feedback is very useful for analysing your approach and adjusting your strategy. Ask questions and connect in a friendly way.
  • Build trust among respondents as you deepen your understanding of their likes and dislikes. In this way, you can create conversations which mean busyness – that key factor which motivates traffic to your website, and the vital goal of improved SEO.
  • Brand recognition is built through consistency; if your brand is out and about and interesting, your products or services begin to sink into customers’ memories. Advertise and promote your posts when and where you can. The more visible you are, the more people may be influenced to visit your website.
  • Best of all, social media allows you to deal with customer complaints quickly and apply resolutions that will not only fix the issue, but also bring the customer more warmly into the fold – like offering really good discounts on their next purchase, and inviting them to visit your website to see what other offers are available. Every click-through to your site is valuable to your rankings.

Social media and SEO

Social media is the best, quickest and most expansive way to build your web presence and garner an active following. Because your SEO score is affected by website traffic, and website traffic is affected by social media engagement, you should be looking to extend your base across as many relevant platforms as possible: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

Tantalize and intrigue your targets, build connections through high quality content. The more your social media pops, the more relevant your website becomes, and the more likely you are to get authentic, quality links from other websites, and the more external links you have, the more you rise in the ranking system.

Click-through rates are registered by search engines. When a potential customer clicks on items of interest carefully framed by your social media campaign, then brand awareness is building and your website is getting greater visibility, rising through the ranks.

Social media allows you to take the quality content you have worked hard to produce and promote it on several channels. People sharing your posts will encourage even more engagement, building greater connections and awareness. And again, as this buzz increases, the activity around your website is enhanced, impacting favourably on SEO.

The trouble with content

Everyone tells you that success lies with good content. But what is this content? Where do you get it? How do you produce it? And how do you keep this going consistently? In the first buzz of excitement about your website and your business, nobody will tell you that content can be the most difficult part. Because you can’t just blab on about your product/service and eventually bore the pants off everyone, you have to think outside the box of your business objectives. Content is not about selling. It’s about engaging, initiating response, getting those click-throughs. And all of that raises your SEO rankings in the process.

Yes, you can have posts about your product or services – but you need to intersperse these with other topics that may relate to your business or the interests of your client base. If for instance, you sell fishing tackle – then anything to do with the ocean is good, from sport to pollution, recipes to funny fishing stories, voyages of discovery to ancient boat building techniques, latest technology in fishing to quirky fishy stories like the discovery of the Coelacanth. Topics become limitless when they are related to, but not focused on your product. People are more likely to respond when their interest is peaked. Don’t be afraid to surprise them. That can motivate response, and response is key to SEO.

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