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Grown–ups fuelled by curious hearts

Since 1997, OTB has remained true to the basics of what a good agency should do: deliver a professional service, create hardworking solutions and present flawless work on time and in budget.

We are not a big-machine firm nor are we a young-gun start-up. We are a bit of both. Our blend of experience (21 years and counting) and fresh talent continues to keep us relevant without losing sight of that fact that our job is to put your brand’s needs first.

What we do

We take some of the load off your desk by creating and executing full-house solutions.

We believe in value for money without compromising brand integrity.

We balance quality, speed and budget with a smile.

Our team

When people feel appreciated and fulfilled, loyalty and commitment follow. Over the past two decades, we have grown into a close-knit team that takes pride in our work and gets pleasure from seeing the results.

Arina Vermeulen
Managing Director
083 455 4972

Belinda Du Toit
Sanlam Account Manager
082 791 2472

Annalene Kinghorn
Account Manager
082 858 3802

Amanda Greyling

Robert Schultheiss

Lizanne Murison

Laura Foley

Adrian Leeman

Wian du Plessis

Erin Busch

Candice Dyers
Financial Manager

Martin Fairhurst
Production Manager

Our support crew

Our core team is supported by a network of trusted providers that we draw into projects as needed. We have handpicked these partners based on their experience, skill and ability to deliver.

OTB is exempt in the SME category

BBBEE Affidavit

We are a South African-based agency and love living in this mad, warm and wonderful place. Part of being South African is being mindful that many of our neighbours are in desperate need of help. Which is why we are actively involved in sharing what we have – be it in the form of donations, skills development, awareness drives, or time.